Anthropocene Artifact Analysis

Writing & book design
A book sprint compiling research in process and writings about the Anthropocene. The goal of this archive and curated collection of cultural artifacts is to provide a foundation for the development of a methodology whereby objects are read for their stratigraphic value as indicators of the Anthropocene—the "Age of Man." All of the objects showcased are cited within the text.

This book grew out of an interdisciplinary research project undertaken in collaboration with Nicole Merola, the Literary Arts and Studies Head of Department at the Rhode Island School of Design. This book, and the larger research project from which it was derived, was funded by the RISD Research Bridge Grant Initiative.

A glimpse into an ongoing research process rather than a finished object, Anthropocene Artifact Analysis serves as a resource for Nicole as she works towards the development of a comprehensive survey of art, design, and the environment.

Eli Block © 2018