Anthropocene Chemostratigraphy

Research paper

This essay about chemostratigraphy discusses how contemporary cultural artifacts act as signals of our geologic present—the much debated "Age of Man" or Anthropocene. These artifacts signal the ways in which human industry already has and will continue to impact the surface of the Earth; they warn of the specific ways in which the stratigraphy of our time will differ from historic precedent. Each artifact subjected to analysis paints the Anthropocene in a different light. Taken together with three other essays, these analyses examine how current projections of the future are influencing our perception of the Earth, deep time, and non-human animal life now.

The works analyzed in these essays are by many individuals and groups including Yesenia Thibault-Picazo, Emilie F. Grenier, Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, Lana Z Porter, Troika, and Rem Koolhaas & AMO Research Studio among others. All citations are indicated in the essays, which are viewable on Issuu.

The culmination of this investigation was a group curation project; the final paper was completed in collaboration with Joseph Fellows, Anushka Pai, Nicolas Scholz, and Aaron Wheeler.

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