Google Crabfood
Internal insight team brand & website

2017 — 2018

Crabfood is Google's poor man's Mary Meeker. It provides weekly analysis on emerging tech, startup, and market trends... with sass. I worked with David Benjamin (Crabfood's lead) to refine the Crabfood brand and design a website to serve Crabfood's nearly 2K subscribers—many of whom are Google leadership.

The site homepage features a giant ticker which displays recent insights as well as a Crabfood description. The bottom of the page contains a row of links to recent Crabfood reports.

There were minimal development resources for this project so the design was intended to be a simple skin for Google Drive. Scrolling the homepage reveals a Drive-like archive of all the Crabfood reports, organized by category and recency.

There is currently no way to search for information in Crabfood. Making a simple search interface was apr priority of this website. The site would include multiple ways to filter results. Top results are highlighted in yellow.

In phase II of the build, individual reports will be readable on the site (userswill no longer need to be linked out to Google Docs). The above image shows what reading a report might look like.

The images below are sketches for alternative Crabfood site designs, some of which include a project editor, grid vs. list views, and a Crabfood report release calendar.

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