Helix Epigenetics

Helix product design
Helix is a direct-to-consumer genetic testing company. “Until recently, personal genomics has been uncharted territory. Now, DNA has the power to inform your daily life—from the decisions you make about your health to understanding your personal preferences at a biological level.” (Source: Helix website) Helix allows users to sequence their DNA and then gain insights about themselves through third-party apps—like National Geographic’s personal ancestry discovery service.

Helix Epi is an epigenetics sequencing service that deepens Helix’s DNA learning platform by reading the methylation status of key nucleotides—key nucleotides that significantly impact the way genes are expressed. Epigenetic sequencing has yet to break into the mainstream consumer genetic insight market, but its productization is inevitable. Thus, this design pre-empts, proposes, and prepares for a broadening of the Helix product range.

Client: Helix

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