Landscape OS

Design for 3-product system
A combination, mashup, and extension of other online research and collecting apps like Curator and, Landscape is a custom OS for the insight and foresight fields.

As a tool for aggregating research, thought, ideas, and files of all types, Landscape OS comes packaged with activity specific hardware and functions as the Bloomberg Terminal for the humanities—providing quick access to content that is subjective rather than absolute.

This project feeds off of and is inspired by initiatives like Anne Burdick's Micro Mega Meta, which seeks to explore the future of the humanities in a world increasingly filled with big data.

Products proposed: A desktop computer system (screens, OS, and accompanying keyboard), OS-to-print book, OS-to-storage hard drive.

Project includes: newsprint book in vinyl sleeve, geological long-term data storage device, UI/UX flows, desktop hardware models and renderings.

Landscape OS is quasi-skeuomorphic, drawing on principles of material design while simultaneously pushing the boundaries of interface understandability by incorporating elements of vast space (galaxy of wormhole-like OS folders) and deep time ("Fossil" hard drive to be excavated millions of years in the future).

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