On Hybrids Publication

RISD Industrial Design Thesis Book
2015 — 2016
The below images represent various spreads from a 220-page publication produced to document and accompany On Hybrids—a thesis project that merges ideas from biology with practices from industrial design in order to sketch case study forms that serve as a collective lens through which to speculate on the similarity, difference, hybridity, entanglement, agreement, and conflict of biological and technological beings in the world. See all the project work at the project website: on-hybrids.eli-block.com.

The book follows the history of life on Earth, beginning with the first cells and documenting evolution up to the emergence of modern technology. In the final pages, it lays out a scheme for using evolutionary principles to design liveness into industrially produced objects. Edition of 4; find this book in the Rhode Island School of Design Library.

The rally cry of the living does not decree how or why to live. Instead, it screams for an appreciation of the simultaneity of different forms of being.

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