Wild-Type Landscape

Wild-Type Engineering
2017 — 2018
Wild-Type is a platform for hardware experiments. Landscape is our first desktop computer component system—comprised of large 30" Type L screens, a Type K touch keyboard, and Type S modular monitor arm pieces. Think build-your-own computer or DIY Google Jamboard.

Wild-Type Landscape is designed to be dynamic. It's designed with the idea that, as tools, any two computers need not be alike—formally or functionally. And so the Landscape component system comes in over 20 different colors and supports an infinite number of configurations.

Here, we showcase a device constructed from two Type L screens, a Type K touch keyboard, and an assortment of Type S pieces—yellow hinges and joints, multi-colored struts and screws, grey aluminum connecting plates, and a dozen colorful foam pads.

In coming months, you'll be able to use our online design tool to build your perfect Landscape machine—or even just pick out a few specific components to make the computer you already have something special.

Images of terrazzo Type M and circular Type O will be added shortly along with more visuals of the OS and information about how interacting with the touch keyboard might work.

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